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            Krishna Janmastami in Shrinathji Nathdwara

            Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

            Nathdwara Shrinathji History

            About Nathdwara Temple History

            Oppressed by Aurangzeb's fanaticism and obsession for destroying Hindu temples, the religious places became insecure. Seeking to find a secure place for the idols of Shreenathji and his seven forms, Tilkayat Govind ji Maharaj and elder brother Balkrishna Ji Maharaj set up these idols in the ancient village Sinhad of Nathdwara on national highway eight on Falguni Krishna Saptami 1728. After the completion of the temple, the idols “Shrivigrah' were shifted to the temple and the city was re-named Nath-dwara. The Sudershan Chakra and seven flags can be still seen on the tiled roof. The internal management of this major seat of Vaishnava sect is unique. Everyday the child image of lord Krishna is worshipped as a baby. Starting with Mangala till the last darshna special decorations are done and exhibits are displayed during the course of the day.

            Devotees flock to the city throughout the year but particularly during festivals such as Deepawali, Holi, Janmashthami it is impossible to find a place to stay. During Deepawali people turn out in large numbers to witness 'Gau-Krida' or cow-play which is followed by 'Annakuta' in which a rice heap is made before the chief deity and different kinds of delicacies are prepared which are plundered first by the viewers and thereafter by the tribal people. Inside the temple complex the wells of ghee, oil, the mills of gold and silver, Mahaprabhuji's Baithak are worth viewing. Even today, no festival is complete here without Shreenathji.

            Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

            Shrinathji Darshan Timing

            Note: Shrinathji darshan timing may vary as per temple board nathdwara.
            More places darshan time ( Dwarkadhish temple kankroli, Eklingji temple, Charbhuja temple rajsamand. )

            Shrinathji Darshan

            Visting places near nathdwara

            Discover around the Nathdwara.

            Nathdwara Known as the Apollo of Mewar, Nathdwara situated on the banks of river Banas is most popular for its Pichwai paintings and terracotta handicraft. Besides these sites, you can also check out Rajsamand. This place alone offers plenty of attractions. It has Dwarkadheesh Temple, Rajsamand Lake, Kankroli Dam, Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh Fort, etc. You can also add Ganesh tekri and Giriraj Parvat to the list of places to visit in Nathdwara. Eklingji Temple, Ranakpur, Udaipur, Dungarpur, etc. are the weekend getaway around Nathdwara. view more to see all the popular Nathdwara places to see on your trip to the city. Best time period to visit Nathdwara is between September to February. Check the page for more info..

            Shrinathji helpline App

            The app provides information about Shrinathji Temple Darshan timings, hotels to stay, local taxi providers to visit near by places, restaurant directory and Nathdwara local news.

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